Since it is usually outdoors, a good decking has to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Here at Woodcrafters, we have exceptional wood that is meant for outdoors, namely Chengal and Accoya.


When it comes to timber decking for balconies and outdoors, there are a handful of wood species to choose from. These include:

1. Accoya

2. Teak

3. Chengal

4. Ironwood

5. Merbau


Each species has its own qualities. Lets find the one for you depending on your preference. 



Accoya is a highly prized wood because of its high performance. It is a processed wood that contains no toxic substances as the process simply increases the levels of already present elements within the molecular structure of the wood.


It is a top tier wood due to its exceptional dimensional stability, barely shrinking or swelling and rot resistant – making it the perfect wood for outdoor decking.

However, even though it is one of the best wood when it comes to quality, very few people choose Accoya for decking due to its price. It is at least double the price of many outdoor woods. 



Teak has been named for centuries as one of the world's most durable and stable wood for outdoor use. Traditionally used on boats and outdoor furnitures, it has great qualities that is suitable for a decking. 

It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is not prone to shrinking and expansion. Because of its strength, it has adequate amount of resilience against impact – weight and falling objects. 


It gets better. Teak is known for its secretion of a natural oil that contains a form of iron composition. This repels snakes, insects, mice and termites. The oil also acts as a barrier for water, deterring water from seeping in thus avoiding water damage. 



Chengal is very popular in Singapore because it is generally more affordable than most outdoor timbers. Known for its durability and high resistance to termite infestation and fungi attacks, this tropical hardwood is ideal for timber decking.

One interesting characteristic of Chengal is the small pinholes caused by ambrosia beetles boring into the living trees. Some find these holes bring out the natural essence of wood, others are not so fond of them. However, one great way to minimise the appearance of them is to have the wood stained into a dark colour. 



Ironwood is one of the hardest wood within the decking range. This is because it is extremely dense. Builders consider Ironwood to be one of the most stable wood, making it suitable for an outdoor decking.

However, because of its dense nature, it does not take stains very well. Staining Ironwood decking may result in an uneven coloured appearance. 



Merbau has sap that bleeds out which gives the wood a very distinct maroon red colour. This deters people from choosing Merbau for outdoor decking. However, we cannot deny the hardiness and strength it possesses. 

To minimise the bleeding, we take measures such as drying the wood thoroughly before installation and applying a coating on the decking. The bleeding of Merbau is unavoidable. 

All these timber species are good for decking. If we have to recommend one, it will be Teak for its beauty, durability and stability.

All these timber species are good for decking. If we have to recommend one, it will be Teak for its beauty, durability and stability.

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