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6 Hardwood Patterns That Make a Statement Floor

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Given the nature of wood, there are endless possibilities when it comes to patterned flooring. In the early days, the patterns were limited. This gave designers, homeowners and installers the creative freedom to craft the many unique patterns we see today. You get the best hardwood flooring in Singapore, as there are a number of contractors dealing in this.

Here are the top 6 hardwood patterns that we love!


The earliest examples of the herringbone pattern can be seen in the intricate jewellery of the Ancient Egyptian elite and in fabric originating in Ancient Italy. In the Roman Empire, the herringbone pattern was used in road paving systems to ensure durability and stability.

Named after its resemblance to the skeleton of a herring fish, the herringbone pattern consists of an arrangement of rectangles in a repetitive pattern. It is a classic pattern that exudes elegance.

Herringbone, hardwood flooring style
hardwoord flooring: Herringbone

2. Double Herringbone

Just like herringbone but twice the fun. Double herringbone pattern consists of 2 wooden planks placed at the flat side of the adjacent planks. This gives the illusion of wide planks which is a popular size amongst homeowners.

hardwoord flooring: Herringbone


Not to be confused with the herringbone pattern, the planks of the chevron pattern are cut to ensure that the ends are connected at a 45-degree angle. If you find this pattern familiar, you may have seen it on the uniforms worn by police officers or the army. The "V" shape is a typical characteristic of the pattern.

Chevron wood flooring has the ability to create an optical illusion that the floor is wider and longer than it actually is. This is why it is popular among owners of smaller houses, where they want to create the illusion of a bigger and spacious room. This particular hardwood flooring price fits almost everyone's budget and offers a great flooring option.

Chevron: hardwood flooring pattern


Traditionally found in grand buildings and chateaux around Europe and particularly in France, the basketweave is an interwoven pattern that is commonly associated with wealth and luxury. Similar to chevron, basketweave can make the room feel bigger. However, it is not ideal to use in very small rooms as the pattern can exacerbate the smallness of the room.

Basketweave Hardwood Patterns
Basketweave Hardwood Patterns

5. Versailles

A true decorative design that is associated with prestige, the Versailles pattern is made out of interlaced diagonals and dates all the way back to the 16th century. It is designed in 1684 to glamorize the Palace of Versailles, the royal residence of France.

King Louis XIV personally oversaw the construction of the palace. Almost every room of the palace was laid with Versailles parquet panels — a repetitive square pattern, set on a diagonal to the space it covers.

Even though the Versailles pattern is rich in French history, it is still popular in modern interior designs as it exudes elegance and sophistication.

Versaills Hardwood Patterns

Palace of Versailles

Versaills Hardwood Patterns

6. Chantilly

Speaking of patterns with French history, we cannot overlook Chantilly. Inspired by the Château de Chantilly in France, it is a pattern made up of a border that has wooden planks positioned on a right angle to it. It is a solid hardwood flooring option that works perfect to add a royal touch to the place.

King Louis XIV ushered in a demand for patterned wood floors that is as strong today as it was in 1684. Patterned wood floors are, and always will be, the epitome of grand flooring.

Chantilly Hardwood Patterns

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