At Woodcrafters, we pride ourselves with work that are created to inspire



At Woodcrafters, we pride ourselves with work that are created to inspire

Out of sheer passion and interest, Suzannah Chua and Alex Toh began their woodmaking journey respectively. They were working in the same company when they decided to venture into entrepreneurship. With more than a decade’s worth of industry experience, they co-founded The Woodcrafters Pte Ltd in January 2012. Since then, Woodcrafters have covered over a million square foot of flooring. 


Both enjoy nature and are intrigued by how wood is able to bring out the beauty of its own kind. Because of this curiosity, they are constantly learning and gaining knowledge about wood. 


The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is an international association that represents all segments of the hardwood flooring industry such as installers, inspectors and manufacturers. It sets the standard for the industry. 


To keep up the international standard of hardwood flooring, we went through trainings and tests at the NWFA. With that, we are Certified Professionals in Installation, Sand & Finisher and Inspection. 


Being the only few NWFA Certified Professional in Singapore, we are confident that we can deliver and exceed expectations. 


alex toh,

technical operations director

suzannah chua, managing director

alex with the nwfa family during the nwfa expo 2018 in Las Vegas

attending the workshops during the NWFA Expo 2019 in Texas



Presenting you the warriors of Woodcrafters! When we are not working, we love to have a good barbecue and a nice cold beer. With satisfactory prizes on the line, trust us when we say that we are really competitive when it comes to games and activities.

We are certified, passionate, creative and professional. Anything wood-related, we are ready to take on the challenge. Get in touch with us!

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