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At Woodcrafters, we specialize in hardwood floor, border, medallion, wall cladding, ceiling, staircase, trellis and fencing that are simply not in the repertoire of a typical floor contractor.

Enhance the Look of Your Home


Wood floors not only add a touch of elegance to your home, but also a bit of warmth. Many homeowners believe that having hardwood floors even makes the space look bigger. Whether it makes your home feel more inviting depends on the rest of your décor, but it’s an easy way to make a great first impression.

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Wall Cladding




Handscraped Distressed Floor

...and more!

At Woodcrafters, we pride ourselves with work that are created to inspire



 Better Air Quality

Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter or other common allergens. This means that it’s significantly easier to improve your indoor air quality.  Wood floors are often a must for allergy sufferers.


Why are wood floors better than tile or laminate in terms of air quality? Even though tile and laminate do not have the fibers that carpet has, they still have grout lines. These grout lines are a great place for dust and other allergens to settle.

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 Improve Acoustics in Your Home

Hardwood floors with the right adhesive (e.g. Bostik Ultraset) can also improve the acoustics within the room. They reduce hollow sounds or vibrations that often occur. This quality is why you’ll find hardwood in nearly every dance or music studio or quality home. 

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Check out our unique medallion designs below or customise one to your liking!



Display unique artworks in your home

Design, stain and texture is the ability to create a grand work of art in the hand of a talented designer, competent installer and finishing craftsman.


Here at Woodcrafters, we help you create professional hardwood ornament designs that make your home stand out from the crowd even without having to add any furniture. 


  Add Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Value to Your Home

Wood floors can add value to your home. When it comes time for you to sell your home, buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood or timber. 

Wood floors also provide a warm, cosy atmosphere for you as a current homeowner as you interact with your family and share funny, candid moments together. Family time is valuable, precious and irreplaceable.

We, at Woodcrafters, believe in bringing to you the warmth and richness of wood in your aesthetic spaces. Timber gives an abstract and contemporary look to your floors, ceiling, staircase, fencing, and much more.


Timber is an attractive and versatile material with widespread use in assorted development and condo projects. Be it Timber Ceilings, Timber Staircase, Timber Fencing, or Timber Decking, we do it all.



Bring the exquisite feel of the outdoors with top-quality timber

  • Our elegant and authentic timber flooring comes in a wide range of shades and colors. You simply need to pick the one that suits your taste and fits with the stylistic layout of your home.

  • Add style, warmth, and value to your home with excellent hardwood flooring Singapore from The Woodcrafters. Our hardwood floors are available in strong and durable hardwood and wood comes with a wide assortment of grains, styles, and textures.

  • We, at Woodcrafters, design beautiful timber trellis to enhance your outdoor environment and provide additional security. Timber trellis provides an elegant shelter for your gardens.


  Add Custom Finishes And Color 

  • Looking to achieve a specific finish or unique colour? Talk to us today and let our certified professional team help you to turn those ideas into reality. With our knowledge and expertise in the timber industry, no design concept is too challenging for us to bring to life.

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