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Common problems that are called upon in residential homes and commercial businesses, are often underlining problems that can escalate into major problems. Here at Woodcrafters, we meticulously inspect every square inch of your timber floors. 


The Woodcrafters offers inspection service of your timber floors through the businesses and homes locally and internationally. The hardwood floor in your home or business can add value and enhance the aesthetics of any room. If properly cared for with appropriate maintenance, both individually and with the assistance of a professional, your hardwood floors can last far beyond its intended years. But if something occurs during installation or maintenance, it is always wise to seek the aid of a professional hardwood floor inspection service and The Woodcrafters provides such a service.

Our professionals are certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), USA. The NWFA's Certified Professional program was developed to recognise and promote the competence of wood flooring professionals throughout the industry. To achieve each certification, one must undergo specific online and hands-on testing. 

During an inspection from the Woodcrafters, we meticulously inspect every square inch of your hardwood floors. In many cases, we find these common problems listed below.



cupping of wood1.PNG

Cupped boards are often the result of moisture being gained from the subfloor over which they are laid. Because the underside has expanded due to the absorption of moisture whilst the topside has not, the plank tends to curve. This can also create extra problems in regards to the board fixing to the subfloor as they will start to lift and pull away.



crowning of wood.PNG

Crowning is the opposite of cupping when the center of a board is higher than its edges.

 Like cupping, wood floor crowning happens because the boards are exposed to a moisture imbalance over an extended period of time. 



gaps in timber flooring.PNG

If you see gaps in your timber flooring, it’s essential that you don’t delay having them repaired. How many there are, their size, and how stable the floor feels will determine how to fix them.




If parquet is arched or swollen, excessive moisture is often the reason.

While superficial water damage can be detected quickly and easily, the cause can also be hidden under the floor..

No matter what the cause is – in case of water damage in the parquet, the motto applies:

The quicker the damage is repaired, the smaller are the consequences and the more likely it is that the timber flooring can be repaired.



finish problems.PNG

This can happen at the time of installation or when a maintenance refinish is not properly performed.

Uneven finish can also be due to improper sanding. On floors that are not sanded finely enough, the finish settles in the bottom of the sanding grooves, but the tops of the grooves are covered with little finish. When the floor is exposed to foot traffic, the surface breaks down.


When hiring someone to inspect your hardwood floors, rather than hire a general home inspector, we recommend you find a professional that not only has the inspection credentials but also runs a timber contracting business. We have seen and fixed just about all of the possible timber flooring problems over the years. We have studied and tested to correctly find and correct the root of the problem. We can perform a specialized inspection service, and give you a comprehensive report on our findings as well as offer recommendations and solutions to issues found.

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