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10 Best Tips When Hiring a Wood Flooring Contractor

If a wood flooring contractor doesn't have a license or a portfolio with their recent work, consider hiring someone else.

Choosing which contractor to hire can be the most difficult decision for many homeowners during a home renovation or improvement project.

While the fundamentals are clear, such as checking references, verifying credentials, and soliciting multiple bids, identifying a good flooring contractor might be more difficult.

Be on the lookout the next time you have to make a home improvement hiring decision.

Singaporeans spend thousands and millions of dollars on home maintenance and renovations each year, so it’s good to hire a professional one.

1. Contractor Gives Off a Good Vibe

Homeowners should always use their intuition and trust their instincts. Would you feel comfortable with this person in your home alone? If the answer is anything but yes, consider hiring another candidate.

2. Contractor Has A Portfolio or Relevant Work History

Everyone has to start somewhere, and it may be tempting to give a new contractor their first paying job. It's not always a bad idea; in fact, new contractors are often the most creative, dedicated, and innovative. However, there is a significant difference between a contractor with very little work history and a contractor with no work history at all.

Even if they’re just starting out as an independent contractor or business, contractors should have some jobs under their belt, such as working as an employee for another contractor or as an apprentice. If a contractor has limited work history, ask that they provide references of other contractors or companies for whom they’ve previously worked.

Here at Woodcrafters, we have a full list of references of companies and contractors we’ve previously worked with and are currently working with, available upon request.

3. Contractor Holds A Proper License, Registration or Insurance

Laws for contractor licenses and registrations vary from country to country, but a quality contractor will hold the proper credentials required to operate legally in their area.

Equally important is that the contractor holds adequate liability and workers' insurance to help keep your project protected financially.

Here at Woodcrafters, our contractors are certified professionals, sand and finishers, installers, inspectors and sales advisors with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), USA. Our company also possesses Biz Safe Star certification, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO45001 certifications. We are also a member of Singapore Green Building Council.

4. Contractor Possesses Skills Relevant to Your Project

If you’re hiring a contractor for a wood flooring project, choose a contractor with experience in that type of home renovation project. Even if a contractor has ten years of experience doing furniture carpentry but no wood flooring experience, he or she may not be your best choice.

Here at Woodcrafters, our contractors have combined 20+ years of experience in the wood flooring industry.

5. Contractor Shows Up On Time or Keeps Up With Appointments

Everyone has been late or had to cancel an appointment at some point in their lives. A professional contractor should not be disqualified for politely requesting a reschedule for an initial consultation due to unforeseen problems such as illness. A contractor who consistently arrives late, or misses appointments, on the other hand, should be removed from your list. It is critical.

Here at Woodcrafters, our contractors show up on time and consistently follow up with appointments.

6. Contractor Has the Right Equipment to Do the Job

Every home renovation project has unique equipment needed to do the job properly. Give the contractor an in depth description of the job you want completed and ask whether he or she has the right equipment or tools to do it.

Here at Woodcrafters, our contractors have the right kind of equipment to do the job and a list of equipment is available upon request.

7. Contractor Has Good Customer Reviews

Contractors who had many bad customer reviews should be a cause for concern.Trust your instincts and select a contractor you feel comfortable with and has consistent happy customers.

Here at Woodcrafters, our happy clients are testimonials to our commitment to excellence. Customer reviews can be found on our Facebook page as well.

8. Contractor Doesn’t Insist that You Make a Hiring Decision Immediately

In most cases, contractors know that homeowners need time to select the right contractor for the job. Contractors who resort to using high-pressure or scare tactics to secure a job should be avoided. A professional flooring contractor doesn’t insist you make a hiring decision immediately.

9. Contractor Acts Like a Professional

In most cases, the contractor should possess more knowledge about what it takes to successfully complete a home renovation project than the homeowner. It’s also a good sign when the contractor and homeowner communicate well and work together.

10. Contractor Has a Good Corporate Attitude

It is possible to have a bad attitude while being an excellent contractor, but keep in mind that if you hire someone, you will be dealing with them — and their attitude — for the duration of the project. It is critical to communicate effectively with your contractor because, with a positive attitude, a better hiring choice is likely to be someone you can get along with.

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