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5 Best Timber Species for Outdoor Decking

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Timber Species for Outdoor Decking

When it comes to timber decking for balconies and outdoors, there are a few factors to consider. A good timber decking has to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, durable and hardy, as well as resistance to pests. There are a handful of wood species to choose from. These include:

1. Accoya

2. Teak

3. Chengal

4. Ironwood

5. Merbau

Each species has its own qualities. Lets find the one for you depending on your preference.

1. Accoya

Accoya Timberwood Outdoor Decking

Accoya is a highly prized wood because of its high performance. It is a processed wood that contains no toxic substances as the process simply increases the levels of already present elements within the molecular structure of the wood. Get the outdoor wooden flooring that gives you a matte and outstanding appearance.

It is a top tier wood due to its exceptional dimensional stability, barely shrinking or swelling and rot resistant – making it the perfect wood for outdoor decking.

However, even though it is one of the best wood when it comes to quality, very few people choose Accoya for decking due to its price. It is at least double the price of many outdoor woods.

2. Teak

TEAK Outdoor Decking

Teak has been named for centuries as one of the world's most durable a