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Create A Feature Wall With Timber Cladding

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A feature wall can greatly enhance your living space and it is very easy to achieve this by playing with colours, textures and design. Even a simple painted feature wall in a different colour can stand out.

However, if you want a feature wall that comprises all colours, texture and design, timber cladding is a great cost effective material to consider.


There are many colours when it comes to timber wood. Before settling on one, ask yourself if a light or dark coloured feature wall will better enhance your space. Natural wood surface absorbs a lot of light so unless your room gets plenty of natural light you may wish to consider light coloured wood. On the other hand, if you prefer to wind down in a dark and cosy bedroom, pair dark wood with even darker shades like granite or concrete, grey or black painted wall and dark furnishings.

Light Color Wood Cladding
Dark Shade Wood Cladding


A textured feature wall gains more points for being able to stand out. Given the nature of wood, it is easy to create textures on timber planks. Textures can be man-made or simply by showing off the grains of the wood. Wall cladding is one of the most growing trends that you should follow.

Textured Wood Cladding Wall
Timber Cladding wall

Wall cladding in Zebrano timber – The lines are like stripes of a zebra

Rustic Wood Cladding Wall

A vintage rustic look with man-made texture


One of the timber trends you can explore is medallion design – the addition of patterns on the wall takes it up a notch. With the endless possibilities of medallion design, there is bound to be a design that will compliment your living space. Use these wall cladding ideas and get some affordable and easy decor for your space.

Timber Cladding wall

Chevron pattern on bedroom wall cladding

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