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Top 8 Things You Shouldn't Do to Your Hardwood Floor

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Wood flooring is stylish and long-lasting, but there are a few things that can damage and require pricey repairs. If you want your wood floors to last as long as possible, avoid doing these things.

Don’t Use Vinegar

Many people believe that vinegar is the best option for cleaning wood floors because it is natural and can be used to scour a variety of surfaces. However, because vinegar is an acid, it can eat away at your hardwood flooring's protective coating, making it look dull. Instead of vinegar, it's recommended to use cleansers made specifically for wood floors. We use Bona Floor Cleaning products, that are friendly to the earth, families and pets.

Don’t Leave it In the Hot Sun

Sunlight is incredibly strong and bleaches your hardwood floors if they are left exposed for long periods of time.

Don’t Burn It

Never place anything on your floor that could cause the wood to burn. Candles, a curling iron, a hot plate, or an outdoor heater can cause more than just scorch marks.

Don’t Go Without Furniture Pads

Naturally, you'll need to decorate your rooms regardless of the flooring, but make sure to acquire some small pads for the soles of your table and chair legs. Moving your furniture around and even accidentally touching it might result in scuffing or scratches.

You might not need to replace your entire floor if it is broken.

Don’t Use Steel Wool

In the event of a stubborn stain, don’t reach for the steel wool. Hardwood floors are delicate and abrasive materials like steel wool will only add scratches to the surface of your hardwood flooring.

Avoid Wearing Heels or Spiky Shoes inside the House

If it’s at all possible, try to not wear high heels or sports shoes with spikes inside the house.

High-heels can create small scratches and kinks into the flooring that aren’t easy to cover up. The same goes for any athletic shoe with spikes.

Don’t Leave Furniture in the Same Spots

It’s time to switch up your furniture arrangements! If rugs or furniture are left in the same place for a really long time, your floor will become multicolored, especially in rooms with large windows. The sunlight will naturally cause your wood flooring to fade over time, except in the areas covered by rugs and furniture.

Don’t Forget to Clean And Polish Your Hardwood Floors Often

Even if you don’t do any of these things to your wood floor, it will still show signs of dirt and grime over time. So it’s important to clean and polish your beloved wood floors often. This will remove dirt, grime and give your floor a beautiful, new shine. Hardwood floors can also be resanded and varnished to smooth out any imperfections over time.

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