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Do not neglect your ceiling. A wooden ceiling can make a whole lot of difference to your premises. It adds design and texture that will definitely shy away from a boring concrete slab.


Timber ceilings deliver a broad range of benefits to the building with properties such as weather resistance, thermal performance and lack of electricity conduction as well as acoustic benefits making it a highly desirable material in many construction projects. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a timber ceiling for your apartment. 


Timber is considered an excellent insulator in building design. The natural pockets of air in the grain of the wood combined with the storage of heat (or cold) within its cellular structure make wood 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminum when it comes to insulation properties. A Wooden roof ceiling adds a cozy effect to your space and helps in maintaining an optimum temperature according to the weather outside.

This means that in hot and humid countries like Singapore, timber allows houses to stay cool.

Timber Ceiling Singapore - The Woodcrafters


Timber ceilings are extremely low maintenance; depending on the species and grade of timber, the ceiling will need to undergo treatment once every five years or so. Upkeep in the meantime is limited to keeping the timber clean, which will help with the longevity of the finish. However, when it comes to timber, natural wear and color change are desirable characteristics in the design industry.

Add a wooden roof ceiling and you will not spend lots of money on it. Once installed, it remains the same for a large period of time.


Timber is a beautiful and extremely versatile material with widespread use in diverse construction and design projects. Be it in feature walls, cladding, paneling, or ceilings, the striking visual appeal of timber’s natural grain, colors and ambiance will always be noticed when stepping into a room. Timber is a part of the modern wood ceiling and it has a beautiful texture to complement the ambiance accordingly.

The many shades of timber can help light up a room and introduce a relaxing and soft ambience. When used correctly, a timber look ceiling can make a room look and feel much bigger and brighter.

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