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Preventative Maintenance for Hardwood Flooring

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hardwood floor cleaning

Many people notice the lighting and walls when they first step into a room. The flooring doesn't get more than a glance since it's on the surface. However, when deciding on the theme to use in your home, that’s the primary consideration. Hardwood flooring is cost effective and almost fits into everyone’s budget. Read more for tips to avoid damage on your hard surface flooring.

What is Hard Surface Flooring?

A hard surface flooring is typically any other flooring that isn’t a carpet. A solid hardwood flooring is preferred since such floors are durable and can serve a homeowner for a long time if properly maintained. In Singapore, you can find hardwood flooring in posh area houses. Although they are costly – which explains why people might stay away from them, they are worth considering the lifeline of service.

Hard Surface Flooring Options

Since we excluded carpets, it leaves us with many options on what hardwood flooring can be. Depending on what household products you'll place on the floor and your preference, the variety are of wood, vinyl, stone, rubber, concrete, cork, or linoleum. However, the most common types include;

  1. Vinyl – Although they are very efficient and of high quality, a lot of expertise is needed to do the flooring finishes excellently.

  2. Hardwood – The most commonly used type of hard surface flooring, especially in older homes, for elegancy and simplicity which gives a home a natural vibe. There are different types of wood used, so it’s essential to research on the best hard surface flooring for dogs - if you have one.

  3. Laminate – Hard floor laminate flooring is tough and can endure a lot, but you have to perform regular maintenance to avoid dirt or scratches.

  4. Concrete – Mostly found in factories and companies with heavy-duty machinery, it is the most durable hard surface flooring available.

  5. Tiles - Have a variety of patterns and flexibility in fixing them. They are found mainly in washrooms and are the cheapest hard surface flooring.

Preventive Maintenance

Now that you’re up to speed with matters of hard surface flooring, you must know how to care of them. To give you the lasting service as promised during purchase, you have a part to play to ensure that you manage to see that through. There are particular ways and products which you will need along the way as you work on maintenance. It is also vital to prevent occurrences rather than ending up in a position forcing you to repair hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring preventive measures

I am getting all the particles out!


There are many cleaning rules that you should follow so that you can effectively clean your hard surface floor. Some of the regulations include;

  • Don’t try to be smart by adding any extra protective finish as the flooring already has a UV cured factory finish that’s durable.

  • To collect dust, dirt, or debris, either vacuum the floor or use a micro-fiber mop or a soft broom to do the task.

  • Time and again, use a hard surface flooring cleaner (that is on the manufacture instructions) to clean the place. Generally, stay away from oil soaps, wax, and cleaners with citrus, tung, lemon oils, silicon, acrylics, bleach, detergents, and acidic soaps.

  • Ensure that the kind of vacuum that you’re using doesn’t have a beater bar head to avoid scratches due to scrubbing.

  • Do not wet mop the floor at all costs, and be ready to clean any liquids on the floor since they can damage the flooring.

  • You should know that the common defects on a perfect hard surface flooring include dark spots, heel marks, pet stains, oil-based stains, white stains, and watermarks.

Get Walk-off Mats

After a hard day on the farm or if you happened to pass through a muddy place during the day, then you will eventually go back home with your shoes having an unpleasant look. If you are tired or don't mind, you will go inside with them like that, but what will you do to your floor? For hard surface flooring, sand is the worst inclusion as it causes scratches and spoils the edges and finishes. Get walk-off mats to come through for you in such cases, and you’ll be able to combat gritty sand, which is a significant threat to flooring.

Care tips for wood flooring

As good as new!

Install Floor Protectors

If you want to ensure that you can comfortably secure your furniture and fixtures on your floor, it is wise to get floor protectors. Not only do they reduce the friction often caused by moving the furniture around, but they also help you to keep the furniture firmly rooted on the floor. You get to avoid scratches due to friction. It doesn't happen to your furniture as well, since the shoes with heels need some repair if they have damaged floor protectors. It avoids the uncomfortable sounds, and also the nail used to fix the protective cap doesn't expose to harm the floor.

Avoid Humidity

All Hard surface flooring experts will tell you that flooring made of hardwood should ultimately be kept away from water. That is the only condition to maintain the quality of your floor. Water can be from a leaking sink, or a bucket slipped from your hands, wet shoes after a rainy day, or your pet peeing.


Other preventive maintenance tips include;

  • Keep your pet's nails short.

  • Don’t roll or slide heavy furniture on the floor.

  • Use sunscreens to block UV rays that might cause your floor to age faster.

  • Monitor your kid’s playing habits and help them change the way they play if it damages the floor.


Settling for a hard surface flooring is the best choice you can make as a homeowner, regardless of the kind you prefer. However, you just don't get it and expect it to last you as long if you don’t take care of it. Following the manufacturer's guide will be the best thing to do as each flooring has its maintenance style. There are a variety of wood flooring types and prices, so choose the best for your space. Get one and take care of it, and you will have it for a lifetime.

Do you have hard surface flooring? What kind do you have? What preventive maintenance do you do? Leave a comment.

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