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Medallion Floor Plans - Tips On Getting A Medallion Flooring

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Medallions are hardwoods that are carefully crafted and pieced together to form a patterned design. This distinctive floor design element can make a striking and memorable floor accent. It will definitely be the first thing your guests set their eyes on.

These magnificent pieces look the best when there is minimal furniture around. The entrance of your home or a huge walkway are great places to place a medallion piece. Let it take the centre stage and be the limelight. Find out how to incorporate a medallion design into your engineered wood flooring.

1. Single or Repetitive

Before settling on a design, think about which – a single or repetitive medallion design will effectively enhance the look of your space.

Single Medallion


A single medallion design is a statement piece that draws attention and creates conversations. It is a sure way to get people talking about your floor the moment they step into your premises.

Depending on your preference, the size of a single piece medallion design could vary from a small circle to even a full length room. If you are someone who appreciates art and the beauty that comes with it, a single medallion piece is suitable for you as you can get creative with the design.

Repetitive Medallion


Repetitive medallion is basically many single medallions being pieced together. It could cover the entire flooring or serve as a design aspect on one part of the flooring. Even though it is a repetitive design, it does not mean the flooring is boring. A variety of aesthetics could be achieved by playing around with the intricate details within the medallion, giving the flooring a personality best suited for its space.

A repetitive medallion is great if you want a patterned flooring but do not have enough visual space for a single medallion centrepiece because of furnitures covering it.

2. Select a Design

Choosing a design is probably the step we all cannot wait to jump into. It is definitely exciting to work on the aesthetics. However, this process can be tedious to some as the colour scheme, theme and even wood species have to be taken into consideration.

If you are unsure of how to start, snap a few pictures of your space. Which elements do you notice first? What colour are they? What are they made of? For exam