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3 Beautiful Wood Trends That Are Not The Norm

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Beautiful Wood Trends

When it comes to wood, one will automatically associates it with warm sandy colours. Here, we are going to show how you can stand out with totally unique yet beautiful wood trends.

1. Grey Blends

Grey hardwood flooring

Royal Court, Kingdom Series Chamberlain

The blends of grey stray away from the typical look of wooden planks and are very suitable for those who love the modernised and monochromatic look. One great thing about grey hardwood is that, passing trend or not, it is a neutral colour choice that compliments an array of design styles. While grey hardwood floors tend to pair best with cool, chic designs, you can also bring warmth to any space with accent colours and natural wood decor.

Lets be honest, there is no wood that is naturally grey in colour. However, it is very achievable with the process of staining. The most common wood that readily accepts stains is Oak. With the right staining technique, you can easily complete the home of your dreams. Grey hardwood floors are the latest trend and they give an amazing look.

2. Dark Hues

Dark Wood Floor Color

Dark Wood Floor Color

Anchor your space with a bold foundation. Dark toned flooring speaks of class and elegance with full of character. It is especially complimenting to li